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Piping course learning is very simple, but at the same time demand and wages is more. Kagira Drawing Solution (KDS) now imparts piping course and it's very fruitful for piping engineers. We are mainly into carrying over the projects for Oil & Gas Power sectors based on the piping Engineering streams. The design office is where the project evolves and it's been engineered & developed on paper. Piping course includes pipe, fittings, flanges, valves, bolts, gaskets etc...

At the end, various piping systems are commissioned and the projects were brought to its conclusion and finally handled over. We have well trained and experienced faculties to handle classes at different batch intervals. We can assure that once after accomplishing the course there will be a massive job opportunities across the globe and the earnings will be in par with your expectations. Piping systems are like arteries and veins.

They carry the lifeblood of modern civilization.In a modern city they transport water from the sources of water supply to the points of distribution; convey waste from residential and commercial buildings and other civic facilities to the treatment facility or the point of discharge. Similarly, pipelines carry crude oil from oil wells to tank farms for storage or to refineries for processing.

The natural gas transportation and distribution lines convey natural gas from the source and storage tank forms to points of utilization, such as power plants, industrial facilities, and commercial and residential communities. In chemical plants, paper mills, food processing plants, and other similar industrial establishments, the piping systems are utilized to carry liquids, chemicals, mixtures, gases, vapors, and solids from one location to another.

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