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CAESAR (Computer Aided Engineering Stress Analysing Report) CAESAR II is a PC-based pipe stress analysis Engineering Software. This software package is an engineering tool used in the mechanical design and analysis of piping systems. The CAESAR II user creates a model of the piping system using simple beam elements and defines the loading conditions imposed on the system. With this input, CAESAR II produces results in the form of displacements, loads, and stresses throughout the system.

Additionally, CAESAR II compares these results to limits specified by recognized codes and standards. The popularity of CAESAR II is a reflection of expertise in programming and engineering, as well as dedication to service and quality. CAESAR II is most often used for the mechanical design of new piping systems.

Hot piping systems present a unique problem to the mechanical engineer—these irregular structures experience great thermal strain that must be absorbed by the piping, supports, and attached equipment. These "structures" must be stiff enough to support their own weight and also flexible enough to accept thermal growth.

These loads, displacements, and stresses can be estimated through analysis of the piping model in CAESAR II. To aid in this design by analysis, CAESAR II incorporates many of the limitations placed on these systems and their attached equipment. These limits are typically specified by engineering bodies (such as the ASME B31 committees, ASME Section VIII, and the Welding Research Council) or by manufacturers of piping-related equipment (API, NEMA, or EJMA).

CAESAR II is not limited to thermal analysis of piping systems. CAESAR II also has the capability of modeling and analyzing the full range of static and dynamic loads, which may be imposed on the system. Therefore, CAESAR II is not only a tool for new design but it is also valuable in troubleshooting or redesigning existing systems. Here, one can determine the cause of failure or evaluate the severity of unanticipated operating conditions such as fluid/piping interaction or mechanical vibration caused by rotating equipment.

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